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7/8 teams registered
Cup finished 01 May 22:30 BST

Registration Opens
23 Apr 16:15 BST

Registration Closes
01 May 18:45 BST

Cup Starts
01 May 19:00 BST

Ready Deadline
01 May 19:15 BST

Single Elimination

Team Size

Entry Fee

Prize Pool

User Requirements

  • All users must use the steam account with the steam id they entered on the website. You will not be able to join the league servers otherwise and will be auto kicked.


Match Requirements

  • All players must use EAC (This can be downloaded from steam. Easy AntiCheat). If you don't you will be auto kicked.
  • Teams are required to ready up in the match lobby BEFORE the match start time otherwise the match will be forfeit.
  • All matches have to be started within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.
  • If one team has 5 players on the server before the 15 minute deadline and the other doesn't, that team will win the match by default.
  • In the case that both teams don’t show up within the 15 minute period, both teams will receive a loss.


Match Information

  • Teams will be receive a notification on the website when their match lobby is ready to join.
  • At the start of a match all players will need to type /ready in chat. Once 10 people are ready the knife round will start.
  • The winner of the knife round will get to choose which side they start on. They will do this by typing either /switch or /stay in chat. The server will prompt this.
  • At the end of the game the match result will be automatically recorded to the league. You will not have to enter the score anywhere.
  • Game demos will be automatically recorded for the match. These are available on the match information page.
  • Each team will get a maximum of 3 pauses each half. Teams will be able to trigger these pauses by typing /pause.